Research project:

Interpersonal devices in specialized household and public instructional texts written by women in modern English (MINTEXTIM)

Participating universities:

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad de Alcalá y Wyzsza Szkola Bankowa w Poznaniu

Boston private cooking class (detail).

Project News

01.09.2022. Project starts.

01.09.2022. Group meeting.

02.09.2022. Transcriptions for corpus start.

14.01.2023. Group decides the name and acronym for the corpus: Corpus of Women’s Instructive Writing in English (Co-WITE).

15.01.2023. As of this date, the BETA version of the subcorpus (1800-1899), i.e. Co-WITE19, is available for group members.

16.01.2023. Revision of Co-WITE19 starts.